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Why are wedding albums worth the investment?

Preserved memories.

Memories fade over time. Wedding albums preserve your memories in a tangible way. Do you want to have to look at a screen to relive the best day of your life? We all spend enough time mindlessly scrolling through social media and emails. Your wedding photos deserve more than to be forgotten about in an online gallery. Your wedding photographs deserve to be showcased and displayed proudly in a bespoke hand crafted album.


Sitting down, holding your album in your hands and turning page by page to see all your beautiful memories printed on the finest paper is the experience your photographs deserve. It is a wonderful experience for you and the friends and family who come to visit your home.

If it was worth investing in photography, why not invest in printing your images?


Wedding albums tell a story. The bespoke designs will tell the story of your day from start to end so you can relive the day in the way it played out. All the memories will come flooding back of the day as you turn through the pages.

Technology dates.

Technology is unpredictable and ever changing. Did you know a USB only lasts 10 years? An album will never crash, outdate or fail. It's the most secure way to preserve your memories for you and your family to cherish for many generations to come. I can't recommend a 'hard copy' enough.

Technology will change but a beautiful hand crafted album won't.

(Reminder to please back up your online images!)


Wedding albums are an heirloom to pass down to generations. I love looking at old photographs of my parents and grandparents. They are so sentimental to me. I am thankful they are printed out to be enjoyed.

Having a wedding album is the best way to tell your story to your family and the generations after.


When you order prints or an album through your photographer, you are getting the finest print quality for your images making your photos look the best that they can. Beautifully printed to treasure forever.

Would you like to look at sample wedding albums?

Get in touch with Alexandra Barfoot Photography.


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