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Top tips for a relaxed wedding morning.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Get the most out of your wedding photography by being organised with your wedding schedule and preparations.

  1. Have a good night's sleep the night before.

  2. On your wedding morning, have all the items sitting together you would like photographed for your detail shots - Engagement ring, bouquet, jewellery, perfume, shoes, wedding invitation etc and anything else sentimental or important to you.

  3. Have a time line to help the morning go smoothly - I can prepare this for you.

  4. Have a space tidied for your detail shots. Beside window light is ideal.

  5. Remove all tags and labels from dresses, shoes and jewellery for bride and bridesmaids before the wedding day. This will save time on your wedding morning and having everything prepared before the wedding day will add to a relaxing morning.

  6. A crochet hook will assist in putting on dresses with lots of buttons. You may need several of these if the bridesmaid dresses have buttons.

  7. Vintage or velvet ring boxes can add a nice touch to your detail shots. If your florist has some extra flowers these can be used to style your wedding details.

  8. Don't forget to eat! Try to have breakfast before your makeup is applied.

  9. Go first in line for hair styling and second for makeup. The bride will take longer to get ready than the bridesmaids so your hair and makeup should be ready earlier to allow for this.

  10. Allow extra time for everything.

  11. I will leave the bridal preparations to be at the venue 30mins before the ceremony to capture the boys and guests arriving. If you would like natural getting ready images, images with family seeing the dress for the first time and some bridal portraits before I leave please leave enough time for this. (I will work with you to advise on your ideal timeline, if you have any queries on this please let me know.)

  12. Pick a room to get ready with lots of natural light if possible. Clear the space of over night bags etc to have room for bridesmaids to help you get ready.

  13. Plan to arrive at your venue 5-10 minutes before the ceremony to allow time for some photos with parents and bridesmaids. Having your ceremony start on time will maximise your time to spend with all your guests later in the day and enjoy the celebrations!

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